14 Ways to Sell Your Art Online

There are infinite options for selling art online, but not all of these options are exactly the same.

We took a look at many of the websites that offer artists an outlet to sell their art and compared them. With all the information in one place, it will be easier to make an informed decision as to which option is best suited for you.

Society 6

At Society6 anyone can sell their artwork, all you need to do is create an account and upload your art.

Artists earn 10% of the retail price on all products except for Art Prints, Framed Prints, and Canvas Prints. The retail price covers the cost of manufacturing, fulfillment, shipping and the artist’s share. For art prints, framed prints, and canvas prints; artists have control over their markup and can set their own prices above the standard 10%.

Artists are responsible for promoting their own artworks, there are some guides to help you but it is solely the responsibility of the artist.

Payments are made monthly to the artist via PayPal.


In order to sell your artwork at Zatista you need to fill out an application and submit 3-5 artworks. They review applications every 3 months. They notify all applicants of their decision.

Artists earn 55% of all sales with no membership fees. Zatista’s responsible to market artworks and to collect payments from clients.

Artists are responsible for order fulfillment, packing and shipping.


Anyone can sell their artwork at Artplode all you need to do is register for an account and list your artwork. In order to use Artplode, there is a 60$ flat fee to advertise each artwork.

When you sell your art on Artplode you keep 100% of the price the artwork is sold for. You are responsible for every aspect of the sale of your art. The information and photos included in your ad, contact with people interested in purchasing and arranging payment and shipping of the work to the buyer.


All artists are eligible to sign up with CafePress.

There are no out-of-pocket setup, printing or inventory costs with CafePress. Simply set your retail price above the Base Price in the guidelines. When you sell an item, they keep the Base Price and they send you the markup. An additional 5% transaction fee will be charged on markup amounts greater than $15. For example, if you markup an item by $20, an additional fee of .25 will be charged (that is 5% of the $5 over the $15 markup limit).

Basically, you will earn about 5%-10% of the sale price on all your products sold in the CafePress marketplace.

CafePress offers two ways to get paid, by check or PayPal. The minimum payment amount for a check to be issued is $100, whereas the minimum payment amount for PayPal is $25.

Saatchi Art

It is free for all artists to create an account at Saatchi Art but in order to start selling you need to be approved.

You receive 65% on every artwork sold with no additional fees. You are responsible for the packaging.

Saatchi art will process your payment and handle the shipping. Once you sell an artwork, you will receive an email informing you of the sale. You will need to schedule a date and time for a courier to pick up your sold artwork. They will supply you with any shipping documents and labels you may need.

You are able to request a payout 7 days after your artwork has been safely delivered to the collector. You can be paid by check, wire transfer, or PayPal. Typically, payouts are fulfilled 14 calendar days from the date of a request. 


Anyone can open a shop at Etsy and start selling their artwork.

Etsy charges $0.20 per listing for four months or until they sell.
5% transaction fee, 3-4% + $0,25 payment processing fees and 15% offsite ads fees.

You are keeping about 75 % of the price the artwork is sold for.
You are also responsible for fulfillment, packaging and shipping.

You can set your deposits schedule with Etsy. Most sellers choose to be paid weekly. If you choose weekly deposits, they send the payment to your bank every Monday and it typically takes 2–3 days for banks to make them available to you.


Anyone can sell their art on Ebay and it’s free to register.

Ebay will take a 10% listing fee after you make a sale.

You are responsible for fulfillment, packaging and shipping.


Artsy only accommodate artworks by artists who have a resale market and substantial collector demand. Meaning, they do not accept submissions from artists of their own work.


All artists are welcome to open a shop at ArtFire.

There are 3 different monthly plans to choose from:
Standard shop $4.95 per month + $0.23 Per Item Listing Fee + 12.75% Final Valuation Fee
Popular Shop $20.00 per month + 4.5% Final Valuation Fee
Featured Shop (enhanced site exposure) $40.00 per month + 4.5% Final Valuation Fee

You are responsible for marketing, fulfillment, packaging and shipping.

A PayPal Premier or Business account is necessary to receive your payments through Paypal Express Checkout. If you have a standard PayPal account you can upgrade it now for free via your PayPal account dashboard.


Anyone can sell their artwork at Artspan all you need to do is sign up for an account. Artspan will give you templates so you can create a website with a subdomain once you register.

In order to use Artspan you have to buy a plan
Artspan Basic $8.00 / month – Billed annually
Artspan Professional $16.00 / month – Billed annually
Artspan Professional plus $24.00 / month – Billed annually

All plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee

Artspan charges no commission on original art sold on your site or in the Artspan marketplace. They only take a 2.5% transaction fee. But, there is a 10% commission on sales to buyers who find your work through the Artspan Shops.

To sell your work, all you need to do is provide a price, and the dimensions (height, width, depth). Buyers will visit, or go directly to your website. Artspan reviews the order and once approved, send you payment and you can ship your art to the customer. They provide the full customer details for your records, and you are free to talk to the customer directly.

They offer an on-demand service where they are in charge of fulfillment, packaging and shipping. The amount the artists gets to keep is not mentioned.


To list your artwork with Artfinder there is an application process.
Applicants can expect to wait up to 6 weeks to receive a response unless they opt-in to Fast Track in which case your application will be reviewed within 2 business days. The Fast Track fee does not guarantee approval and is non-refundable.

To sell Artworks through the Platform, a Seller must have a Seller Plan Subscription. They deduct a 33% or 40% commission every time an artwork is purchased through the site. The commission is only charged on the retail value of the artwork sold––that is the total retail value of the item as set the artist.

Artist are responsible for fulfillment, packaging and shipping.


With Shopify, you can create your online store and manage everything yourself.

Shopify has 3 different monthly plans that you can choose from which range in features. If you’re new at this a Basic Shopify monthly plan is generally sufficient.
The prices are:
Basic Shopify $29USD/Month
Shopify $79USD/Month
Advanced Shopify $299$/Month

Since they handle the payments there are also additional payment processing fees. The highest fee is 3.5% +0.30¢ per sale.

You are responsible for creating the website, marketing, SEO, fulfillment, packaging and shipping.


Anyone with the desire to open an online or blog store can do so with WordPress.

WordPress also has 3 different plans that range in features.
Premium – best for freelancers $10USD/monthly – billed annually
Business – best for small business $33USD/monthly – billed annually
Ecommerce – best for online stores $59USDmonthly – billed annually

You are responsible for creating the website, marketing, SEO, payments, fulfillment, packaging and shipping.


FASO creates websites for Artists. Just pick a template and upload some artwork, a bio picture, and an artist bio. FASO will generate a professional-looking website for you. You can also add new artwork to your website in just minutes.

There are 4 different plans you can choose from that offer different features. All of these include eCommerce integration using PayPal.

Intro $15/mo or $144 billed annually
Silver $25/mo or $228 billed annually
Gold $30/mo or $312 billed annually
Platinum $45/mo or $480 billed annually

You will be responsible for fulfillment, packaging and shipping. FASO will help you with marketing and other aspects of your websites depending on the plan you chose.

The final choice

All of these options have pros and cons it depends on what is most important for you. If you’re looking to manage everything yourself Shopify, WordPress and Faso are the directions you want to head in.
Otherwise, there are many other options that include less hands-on alternatives.